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Rachel Pedersen

Passionate about helping others, sprinkles on my ice cream, and personal finance.

My personal finance journey:

  • 2016: Started the year with $-3.00 in my savings account + $40,000 in debt

    • Completed Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University course

  • 2017: Started budgeting with Every Dollar and can’t stop, won’t stop!

    • Finished paying off all credit card debt

  • 2018: Coordinated first Financial Peace University course

    • Crushed my savings goal for my wedding!

  • 2019: Became DEBT FREE!

    • Created Three Pennies in the hopes to teach others about money + to help them reach their financial goals little by little

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Photo by Photo KC    Photo by Photo KC

About Three Pennies

There is a story about Mother Teresa wanting to build an orphanage. When her superiors asked what resources she had to build it, she said she had three pennies. They told her that she couldn’t build an orphanage with only three pennies. She said, but with three pennies and God, she could build it. Through her faith and three pennies, she was able to do it.

Another significance of the penny is that it’s engraved with “In God We Trust.”

With a lot of faith and hard work, you can achieve your dreams too.

Photo by Photo KC

Photo by Photo KC