10 Ways to Learn and Get Into Freelancing

10 Ways to Learn and Get Into Freelancing

Photo by  Photo KC  at the KC Lady Gang event!

Photo by Photo KC at the KC Lady Gang event!

Last week, I gave a couple pep talks on Facebook and Instagram about student loan debt after watching a news story of a woman being interviewed that truly thinks it will take her 10-15 years. She seemed to have no hope and that it was just the only way.  

In my pep talks, I mentioned picking up another job or creating a side hustle like freelancing as a way to earn extra income to put toward debt…like student loans for example! A friend asked what are some actionable steps he could take to start freelancing. I came up with a list and thought I would repurpose it and share it on my blog for everyone else too!

Here are 10 ways to learn and get into freelancing:

1. Learn from others

There are TONS of people out there that have their own businesses showing and coaching others how to make their own biz or how to freelance. I sometimes watch YouTube videos, read articles, listen to podcasts from these people!

Some that I have like/looked into include, Latasha James, Jorden Makelle, and Allison Marshall.

2. Learn how to create and run a business

When you begin to freelance, you are technically running your own little business! And some even get to the point of freelancing full-time! Then that REALLY feels like a business! I LOVE Christy Wright of Business Boutique! I listen to her podcast a lot and have been working through her book. She teaches women how to make money doing what they love.


Go to events, connect on social media, and follow-up! Find local clubs, organizations, and networks. Ask someone to coffee that you really want to learn from. Send a message to someone who is creating content you enjoy. Need more ideas? Google articles with tips on how to network!

4. Utilize local freelancing communities and resources

Look into networks like Freelance Exchange, which is a Kansas City-based freelancing community! Not from Kansas City? Check to see if yours has something similar!

5. Don’t be afraid to cold email! (That is how I even got into freelancing!)

When I was job searching a few years ago, I straight up started cold emailing PR companies in Kansas City and one asked if I freelanced and I, of course, said that I could even though I had never done it in my life! Three years later and I am still freelancing for this same PR business! Cold emailing is also how I landed my first gig contributing articles to a print magazine!

6. Do a REALLY GOOD job

Once you get clients, make sure you do REALLY great work! I continue to get work from the original PR biz I started freelancing for and she recommended me to another business that I now freelance for too! She also tells me about events, job postings, and connects me with others!

7. Update your LinkedIn and start using it regularly

Create posts, leave comments, and engage with others. This helps others to see your profile, what you are working on, and learn more about you and what you have to offer!

8. Talk about what you are doing with others!

If nobody knows you are freelancing, then you probably won’t get any work or clients! I made a post last month with a life update about what all I am doing work-wise and I got a new client that way because they have been seeing what I am doing and needed some extra help.

9. Create an online portfolio

Some people may suggest building a whole website to show off your portfolio. If you are just starting out and this is just a side hustle, please don’t spend a bunch of time creating a whole website! I use clippings.me for my online portfolio. There is a free version and it’s simple, easy-to-use, and straight to the point for people to see your work!

10. Use that Google search bar!

There are SO MANY resources out there. Don’t be afraid to use the Google search bar. If you have more questions as you begin to freelance, I am sure Google can help you find the answer!

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