How I Save on Beauty Products and Clothes

How I Save on Beauty Products and Clothes

Earrings - Target ($12) Dress - Target ($30?) Nails - Painted them myself! Makeup - Drugstore makeup from Target

Earrings - Target ($12)
Dress - Target ($30?)
Nails - Painted them myself!
Makeup - Drugstore makeup from Target

I wouldn’t say I would consider myself a full-fledged fashionista before I started my debt free journey in 2016. Some people probably thought I was. There was a phase in high school and college in which I pretty much only wore PINK from Victoria’s Secret. I did own a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. And, oh, how I love my collection of Calvin Klein dresses that started in college.  

When I started spiraling into more debt post-college, I had a store credit card with Express and a lot of my clothes came from there in my first year of adulthood. I remember splurging on a $70ish dollar skirt that I really only wore a few times and no longer fit into.

Sure, I really enjoyed buying new clothes and when I purchased a bunch of MAC makeup products when I was competing in Miss Kansas USA, I then understood high-end makeup is actually pretty dang nice.

But then I started my debt free journey and some things needed to be sacrificed. I would say clothes, shoes, and any sort of beauty products was the thing I sacrificed most and was the biggest lifestyle transformation for me. Eating out and experiences like concerts and traveling didn’t take as much of a backseat.

Here are some confessions and tidbits about my clothes and beauty products situation:

-       Since 2016, I pretty much have been running on one (maybe two) pairs of jeans that fit well and do the job. After I finally ran the life out of the Abercrombie ones, I have been wearing Old Navy jeans.

-       For years, I had one belt that came on a pair of pants my friend bought and gave to me (let me borrow, ha!). I wore it until it was falling apart and pretty much turning into shreds. It took a lot out of me to finally invest in a new one…from Target.

-       I’ve continued to wear pairs of shoes that had been chewed up by our pup, Oliver from when he was a puppy in his teething phase.

-       For the last couple years, I have only bought new clothes from Old Navy and Target

-       I now only use skincare, hair, and makeup you can buy at Target

-       I typically only get my nails done for special occasions. I paint my own with my own nail polish!

I have been so disciplined and conditioned into this new lifestyle, that it is actually hard for me to shop now. I attempted last week and wasn’t very successful. I did get new shoes from DSW. That was nice. I got a few things from Target and Old Navy, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy anything else from the mall.

There have been moments over the last few years that I have battled comparison and envy. It’s hard when you are in the grind of paying off debt and you see people with their new cute clothes or looking amazing on Instagram. I am not going to lie, there definitely have been tears shed a few times. But I know it’s just a season of life. And it’s just not where I am focusing on putting my money. It hasn’t been a priority and that’s been my choice.

Now, I am not leaving this on a doom and gloom kind of note. My main message and purpose for this post to begin with is to let you know, you can still look and feel, oh so good in drugstore makeup and a cute Old Navy outfit. You can still look fabulous in a Target dress!

One fun fact I would like to share…remember I have lots of Calvin Klein dresses and such. But my most complimented dresses, by far, have come from Target and Old Navy. There is a dress from Old Navy that I wore A LOT last year and almost every. single. time. I wore it, I received a compliment and a lot of them from strangers!  

And another note: you CAN wear outfits over and over. You have no idea how many times I have worn the same outfits. Take a peek here. I have been OBSESSED with this beautiful red dress from Target I bought this year for $30!

You can save a lot of money by not going all out on the retail stores at the mall and splurging at Ulta. You CAN cutback for a while and not sacrifice your confidence. What would that look like for you? Is this an area you can work on?

So, next time you see me, ask me where my outfit is from. I guarantee I will mention either Target or Old Navy…or both!

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