Frequently Asked Questions


I am struggling with money. And you are asking me to spend money on your services?

You are investing in yourself and I believe you will have a great return on that investment!

It also means you are putting some skin in the game, which will help motivate you to show up and take it more seriously than if it were just another free course.

Plus, this might be a good first lesson to cut back in areas to be able to save up for something.

How do you meet with people?

I meet with clients virtually! I may meet up in person with local clients, but most often we will meet through video chat using Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc!

Why should I pay for your services when there are plenty of free resources out there?

Hey, I love me some free stuff. And I have taken advantage of plenty free resources myself. When you pay for services though, you are taking it to the next level. It’s sort of like hiring a personal trainer at the gym. Sure, you can go in there and workout however you like or use a free app to help, but when you have a personal trainer, you are pushed harder, learn more, and most likely will see better results.

How do I book one of your services?

Email me at to let me know which service you would like to purchase and I will get the process started for you!